Complete Petroleum & Chemical Storage Tank Services

TIS performs cost-effective storage tank services quickly and safely with a variety of skill sets. Our team of professionals is well-trained and experienced in providing safety-focused chemical and fuel storage tank cleaning, inspection, and repair services.

Storage Tank Cleaning

TIS provides an end-to-end fuel and chemical tank cleaning service from degassing to pressure washing, we start with the safety and compliance of our crew and your site. Cleaning services include:

  • The initial tank degassing & ventilation processes
  • Confined space entry & standby rescue at the ready
  • Sludge removal & pressure washing the tank interior

Storage Tank Inspection

We have a lot of experience assessing tanks for structural integrity and overall health. Our inspections include:

  • atmospheric & area monitoring
  • in-service seal inspection
  • pontoon inspection
  • leak inspection/detection
  • compressed gas vessel services

Storage Tank & Seal Repair

If we do find something wrong, we can repair; including delicate in-service system repairs where precision and safety are paramount. Repair work can include:

  • in-service seal repair
  • floating roof demolition
  • pontoon repair
  • piping/valve removal and installation

Complete Storage Tank Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair

At TIS we are equipped with an arsenal of ventilation, air monitoring, and personal protective equipment. Each job is managed on-site by a TIS API Certified Tank Entry Supervisor (TES). Safety is our top priority.

Recent Storage Tank Service Projects